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User Insight: Track and Change

Intelligent website design extends the life of a site by allowing you to react quickly if it’s not performing as you want it to.

By identifying your key objectives up front and building you a site to fit those needs, we can deliver a solution that allows you to quickly and easily adapt and improve it to suit your audience requirements and behaviours based on user Insight.

So apart from Google analytics, what other tools are available to find out what users do on your website? And once you know, what sort of changes can you make to improve conversion. These are our top tips!

Firstly – make sure it’s not you! It’s simple but often missed – remove any known internal business IP addresses from your analytics reporting to avoid skewing results with your own in house traffic in order to get a true representation of your website audience.

Who’s searching for what? The Google Adwords Keyword Planner helps you research keyword performance and plan your copy and ad campaigns in advance. However, onsite search is just as important. Is your search tool working as it should and serving the right content? Track any on site search terms entered and the results displayed to make sure users can find what they’re looking for.

First impressions count. You may want serve a different hero image or surface particular content based on the users location or the ad they clicked on to get to you. Personalise the page from the start and make their journey relevant to them. Google Tag manager can help you track their journey.

Increase conversions. ‘Book Now’ doesn’t work for everyone, people may want a softer sell or a more intriguing CTA to get them to sign up. Try different options using Google Content Experiments based on device location or on the same audience to see which works best for you.

Measure the results. Don’t just rely on Google’s tools, use Crazy Egg heat-mapping to monitor how far users scroll and where they click and implement social tracking using tools such as Add This.

Try User Testing. WhatUsersDo offers fast turnaround video and soundbite insight using their panel of testers and it doesn’t cost the earth.

So there you have it, everything you need to track your website’s performance and don’t be afraid to be different, ‘tried and tested’ might not get you the results you need. Be brave!

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