We designed and built the new Jobs In Europe app for Marriott International. Delivered for iOS and Android, the app allows for prospective and current employees to gain a greater understanding of the careers available at Marriott and drives them to search for available positions across Europe.

The Brief

What they wanted

Marriott had an existing app that was limited in content and was only available on iOS. Our job was to expand in both of these areas to make the app more engaging and available as widely as possible.

The key consideration was to engage with a millennial audience who spend 4 hours or more using the mobile internet each weekday*

*Do Millennials Ever Put Down Their Mobiles?

The Solution

What we did

We worked with Marriott’s HR team to structure the app around content that shows potential employees what it is like to work at Marriott, explore the many career paths within the company and ultimately to discover the opportunities available.

We developed user journeys to highlight the most important sections and features, deliver a clean user interface that encouraged browsing and ensured interested users could delve deeper for more content in each subject area.  Supporting content includes video testimonials from current employees, tips on interviewing and a step-by-step guide to their application process.

Connecting to Marriott’s existing mobile job search, we delivered an experience that encouraged browsing and discovery with clear ‘jump-off’ points throughout to drive prospective candidates into the application process.

Delivered on iOS and Android for smartphone and tablet devices, the app was also delivered in four languages; English, French, German and Russian.


How it performed

At the time of writing the app has only just been launched, we will be adding numbers when we have then. However all responses to the app so far have been very positive including Matthew Ruck who is the Director of Talent Acquisition and Career Development in Europe for Marriott. He said:

‘Engaging with next generation talent, with relevant content and in a space they like to be, has driven the development of this new Marriott Careers App. We continue to grow as a company and allowing new talent to explore the opportunities within Marriott and stay connected is an ever present business priority and with the expert support again from Redberry, (developers of several Marriott Apps) we are thrilled to share this new Careers App to market to continue our efforts in attracting and engaging with great talent’.

Matthew Ruck
Director of Talent Acquisition and Career Development in Europe for Marriott

To find out more about our work with Marriott or to discuss your next digital engagement project contact Tim Redgate on 01491 413 333 or by e-mailing [email protected]

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