20th Century Fox were looking for ways to engage audiences with their summer blockbuster Dawn of the Planet of the Apes on mobile and came to Redberry in search of a solution which would support personalisation and drive trailer views.

The Brief

What the problem was

Mobile was seen as a key engagement platform for 20th Century Fox’s slate of summer blockbusters. The question was how could it be used to remind people of the release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, deliver low cost trailer views and provide a gateway to pre-booking tickets.

The Solution

What we did

Based on our previous experience in this field we put forward a proposal for an Android Live Wallpaper. The design was based on the film’s character artwork of the apes faces, reflecting the air of menace which was part of other marketing activity and the film’s plot.

Our initial designs included eye movement and an effect to simulate the apes breathing. This was eventually stripped back and simplified, adding a falling rain effect to the original static images. It was a agreed that the eerie result was more in line with the apes stoic and pensive nature in the movies.

The strength of the Live Wallpaper as a solution is that it drives constant re-engagement with the film. Once installed, the user is exposed to visuals from the film every time they use their device.

Beyond this a home screen within the app provided links to the trailer, official site, ticket booking and buy links to previous titles in the franchise. Another powerful tool included in the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes live wallpaper was cloud messaging – allowing us to send notifications around trailer breaks, ticket pre-booking and release day reminders.


The Numbers

The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes live wallpaper performed strongly for 20th Century Fox, delivering a high engagement digital marketing asset which provided trailer and website views at a relatively low cost.

The value of the app is supported by a high number of interactions, strong retention rate and overwhelmingly positive user feedback in the Google Play store.

Following the initial English language launch, the live wallpaper has been localised into four languages and made available in more than 30 international territories.

Based on the success of the app, Redberry were asked to deliver a refreshed version for Fox’s Home Entertainment team to coincide with the DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD release.


More than 400k downloads from the Google Play app store.


Interactions including trailer views, website and buy link clicks.


The app was localised for four languages and made available in more than 30 territories.

5 Star Ratings

User feedback on the Google Play store overwhelmingly positive.

To find out more, view our article on Why We Love Live Wallpapers on our blog.

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