With a turnover of over £200 million, CentreSoft are the UK’s leading video games distributor having been in the industry for more than 30 years, they are another leading entertainment business with whom Redberry have had a long term partnership. CentreSoft approached Redberry with the challenge of delivering a system to help them to grow into the digital space along side their existing strongly performing boxed-product business.

The Brief

What the problem was

As with many in the bricks-and-mortar retail sector, independent games retailers have been battling for a number of years with competition from online whilst trying to provide a relevant in-store shopping experience for their evolving customers. Sony, Nintendo and other games format holders have been looking for ways to offer retailers access to the growing area of downloadable digital content, said to be worth £100 million. Working around the challenge of limited digital infrastructure across a disparate group of outlets to enable direct sales, Redberry were asked to look at how we could provide a platform for access by retailers to games and other downloadable content (DLC) for promotion and sale in store.

Digital content, in the form of unique redeemable codes, needed to be securely hosted, stock-controlled and delivered at the point of sale to consumers. In terms of business process, the platform needed to provide live sales and stock data to all stakeholders, tailored reporting and in-house product administration.

The Solution

What we did

Working with CentreSoft, we produced DLCSoft, a unique and groundbreaking digital platform which enables the delivery of DLC codes to over 300 independent games outlets in the UK along with all the necessary invoicing, accounting and reporting.

As part of a planned roll out of the service, Redberry delivered the first build within 3-months, in time for the all-important Christmas sales period in 2013 and have since carried out a series of feature enhancements and ongoing development, seeing the service go from strength to strength.

Currently supporting both Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DLC formats, retailers now have access to a wide and growing range of digital products for sale and promotion in-store. The range of products offered by the system and the number of retailer outlets this service reaches continues to grow.

To find out more about our work with CentreSoft or to discuss your next digital engagement project contact Tim Redgate on 01491 413 333 or by e-mailing [email protected]

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