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Goldcrest Films: Website Design and Build

Goldcrest Films International engaged Redberry in providing a responsive digital experience to aid marketing a fantastic catalogue of work.

From an impressive array of assets Redberry bucked against the norm in this industry and created a slick homepage with limited content to allow the images to speak for themselves and introduce Goldcrest’s clients to a new way of interacting with content.

With such an impressive and comprehensive catalogue to define, our goal was to allow users an intuitive way to surface relevant content. Splitting the catalogue was a win to both Goldcrest in managing the CMS and to the front end user.

Goldcrest can now publish a new title within seconds and users can search content in easy definable sections without being pushed unrelated content, resulting in an improved and refreshed experience and increased revenues.

Redberry set out to satisfy Goldcrest Film International’s London and New York offices and with this launch we have succeeded in doing so.


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