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Digital Henley #2 Technology & Your Brain

Technology is a funny thing, it can do amazing things with one fault…your brain. Are human beings the weakest link in creating digital solutions?

Digital Henley is an event we have put together on to embrace local businesses, individuals and anyone who wants to learn more about digital technology and how it can benefit their business. We ran our first event in May with great success, number two is now upon us with the latest event entitled Technology & Your Brain. Throughout the evening we will be looking at the challenges of giving meaning to technology, humanising it, making it useful. Understanding what makes us tick so that we can deliver technology that not only works but has meaning in our lives.

We are joined by Pete Trainor from Nexus who will be giving a presentation on digital’s power to change us physically and mentally and James Elderton from Henley’s very own Wonder Vision who will be focussing on how virtual reality tricks your mind into believing it is in the present. There will also be three short presentations from Mark Wing founder of Interrelated, Chris Grant Sales Director at Passle and myself.

Digital Henley #2 is going to be held on Wednesday 16th September at the Red Lion Hotel. For more information and to book your place go to

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