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5 valuable lessons from Twitter analytics

Twitter has recently opened up its analytics platform to all users, providing us with a much better idea of what is going on when we hit that tweet button.

Here are five things to look out for:

1. Understand your audience

While not technically an update, the information Twitter gives about your followers is invaluable when planning content and social strategy. Not only does it give you an indication of whether or not you are reaching your target audience, it can also help shape your content in order to boost engagement. I have found it really useful to create a ‘Most Followed’ list, using the top ten accounts my followers also follow – this allows you to respond to and join relevant conversations that your followers are likely to also be involved in.

2. Constantly evaluate performance

This may seem like an obvious point but the ability to see what works and what doesn’t in real time is incredibly powerful. It allows you to be much more dynamic with content, make changes to your plan on the fly by doing more of the things that work and dumping the stuff that goes nowhere.

3. Images really are worth a thousand words

I’m absolutely not the first person to say this but the power a good image adds to a tweet is incredible. You can’t do it all the time because it loses impact but aim to post a couple of images a day with your tweets. Even if you are just sharing links, finding a relevant and eye-catching image to go with your copy will almost certainly boost engagement.

4. It is ok to repeat content

Twitter’s new analytics have shown me that across all of the accounts I manage, tweets are typically only seen by around 10% of followers. If you have important or well performing content, it makes sense to share it more than once. In doing this, consider time zones and also times of day – a piece of content that performed well during the work day could go on to do even better if shared again in the evening.

5. Don’t get lost in the crowd

Audience peak is definitely something to consider when planning content but don’t be too rigid with this. Busy times also mean noisy times, your message will be fighting for attention at the time when most people are online and sending out their own messages. Twitter’s analytics help you to see when you make the biggest impact and that might not be when your biggest audience is online. There is also some argument for posting just ahead of the peak – if you get the content right, the force of user engagement will create momentum which could see you ride the peak of the wave in a much more effective way.

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